Validating two user controls

validating two user controls

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validating two user controls

When the world only knew the ASP, there were certain things which were a real-time pain for the developers. They have to keep bending their back and screwing up their minds for validating the user input. User input had to be validated so that malicious use of pages could not be achieved so that incorrect or unwanted piece of information was not entered so that the information stored was standardized. This sounds only a painful job.

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validating two user controls

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I have two of the same user controls on a ASPX page twice. Example: The user I have a validator control on the textbox. So that means there. I have an user control say In this I have two to three textboxes and required validator for each textbox. Like wise I have many. I have a custom user control which I put it both in masterpage and a content page​. In the user control, there are some required field validation.

validating two user controls

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validating two user controls

Old Forums. Search: Search text. Design and CSS styles Version 6. I have a custom user control which I put it both in masterpage and a content page. In the user control, there are some required field validation control which I found if sql 2000 sp4 validating user the UC in a content page, after you click the submit smartboard interactive radioactive dating simulations it also validating two user controls the UC useer masterpage.

Validating two user controls you click the submit button of the Validating two user controls in masterpage, validating two user controls uuser not validate the UC in content page.

How to avoid this id conflict between masterpage and a content page? Hope I describe dating tin types by clothing issue validating two user controls. Certified Developer 9.

If I didn't get your suggestion wrong. It's easy to change validatinv textbox id in validating two user controls layout, but Congrols have no way to change it's backend code.

So I think jillian barberie extreme dating does not make sense. Do you mean to add vslidating validationgroup property by creating validatinf new layout of the webpart? FrameworkInitialize ': no suitable method found to override Any idea? Kentico Developer. Hello, do you use validating two user controls controls or any standard web parts?

If you use the custom controls, please change it on the. It is a standard Validating two user controls. I use custom control. It works validating two user controls as long as only one shows in a combined page.

However, when it appears twice one is how do scientists use radioactive dating masterpage, the types of radioactive dating is in content pagethe submit button will trigger contrlos control for both.

If I modify the template directly in the file system, I mean add validationgroup, it still the same thing, doesn't make sense to this situation. Kentico Support. Hi, Could you please post here the exact code you are using and how are you entering the custom controls to the pages? Have you tried to add the validation group property to your user control and set it for your control? You should set the validation group for the control instance - are you using ASPX templates?

Best regards, Juraj Ondrus. Generic; using System. Linq; using System. Web; using System. UI; using System. WebControls; using CMS. PortalControls; using CMS. GlobalHelper; using CMS. CMSHelper; using System. IO; using System. Replace " Type ", ddl. Text ; myMessage. Add new MailAddress "test xxxx. Checked myMessage. Send myMessage ; ddl. Validation group will be the same the user control appears twice in a combined page, right? Certified Developer 8.

I have edited your code with notes on what to do and why. This should solve your problem. Using validation groups allows you to configure which validators are fired when a button is clicked and which validators are used to determine whether Page.

Google about asp. Validate before checking if Page. Validate "yourvalidationgroup" ; Page. Validate Button sender. Jiveabillion, Thank you very much for your help, fantastic!! I thought I have to add validationGroup property at frontend. Anyway, thank you. But I still need help on the UpdateProgress part. It shows at the master page even whenever the page is load. However, it supposed to show right after clicking the send button.

This UpdateProgress part works just fine in the content page. Any idea? I'm not sure about the UpdateProgress part. You may need to manually handle the update panel in your code to get it to work the way you want. Net controls and use their custom update panel since it allows more control. Does the UpdateProgress show when you just load the page? Does it show in both places? It only shows in the user control which located in masterpage.

For the user control that located in a content page, it works fine. This is very weird that I once thought it is because the script manager of Kentico is loaded after the user control, but after review the page template of master page I found it is loaded before any thing in master page.

This might not be a Kentico related issue. Try manually controlling the update panel. Google for how to do that. Other than that, I can't be of more help without troubleshooting it myself, which I don't have time to do right now. Thank you all the same. You already helped me a lot. Design and CSS styles. Version 6.

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